2 Latest SEO Techniques

2 Latest SEO Techniques For Your Business In 2017

Do you want to dominate the search rankings in 2017? Then you should be using the latest SEO techniques. Check out two of them.

  1. Go For The Long Tail Keywords

You should be targeting the keywords with low search competition. Those are the long tail keywords. Here’s how it’s done.

How To Find Long Tail Keywords

  • Related Searches

Yeah, at the bottom of every Google search page, you’d see “Searches related to keyword.” So Google’s giving you ideas. Those are the long tail keywords.

  1. Improve User Experience

Visitors are going to return to your site if you make it simpler to browse through. Look at two ways to get it done.

  • Increase Page Speed

No one’s going to return to a site that takes five minutes to load. You can increase page speed by compressing your images and reducing fancy HTML and CSS codes.

  • Formatting

You should make your site easier to scan through by using bullets and shorter sentences in your content.


Apply these techniques and you’d be getting lots of love from the search engines.